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Amber began her journey into the beauty world at a young age. Her beloved Mamaw was a Mary Kay consultant and Amber knew how to get all of her friends and their moms over to explore the possibilities to make them feel beautiful. 

Amber had outgrown her humble beginnings in East Texas and Enrolled in Fashion School in Dallas. She remained a make up artist all throughout school though. Some passions you just can't ever part with. With this new permanent make up technique on the rise overseas, Amber began to become curious about what permanent make up could offer her clients. 

Once again, she set her eyes onto the new horizon and never looked back. After a few years doing what we then called "feather brows" and other permanent make up services, the industry exploded.

Amber really begins its journey with being named "Best in the Business" by Dallas Modern Luxury magazine in 2016. With all of her experience, Amber brings her passion to make her clients feel as beautiful as she truly sees them. Amber evolved her artistry as a make up artist into a cosmetic tattoo artist with the discovery of Microblading. This technique brings ethereal, but profound, impact on framing and opening of the eyes, "the gateway to the soul". Amber's firm belief in "less is more" is why the two step process in all of her services  is a critical component to achieving the most natural results. 

During the consultation, Amber listens intently to each clients needs and desired look, while taking into consideration the key elements of skin type, tone, age, and lifestyles. Education the client each step of the way of her process and vision is part of the experience. 


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